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Life hacks about groats choosing and cooking

1. To cook delicious, and most importantly, healthy cereals and side dishes, use the multicooker of our grannies - clay baking pots. Food in them is heated slowly, which ensures maximal preservation of vitamins, microelements and fiber that a natural cereal is packed with. The meal stays hot longer, but does not burn. You can make it in advance and just wait for guests to gather at the table.

2. For peas to cook quicker, add 0.5 tsp of soda to the boiling water.

And if you want to really save time, choose crushed peas from MAKFA in sachets. Their cooking takes just 35 minutes without any pre-soaking! Each sachet is one adult serving, according to dietary norms. Hearty, simple and quick!

3. To choose the right pearl barley:

  • Inspect the packaging: it should contain only light grains without dark spots, which ensures that the shelf life is maintained.
  • Pearl barley is obtained from barley by peeling and polishing: grains should be pearly, slightly elongated, with rounded tips.
  • Check how crumbly is the cereal, whether there are any stuck lumps - in order to prevent outside moisture.

Passing the quality control at MAKFA, pearl barley is offered to you fresh, homogeneous and with all healthy properties of the whole grain preserved. Another pro of our products is two packaging options: usual and in servings. The latter is boiled in sachets: you do not need to measure water, the porridge is delicious, the pan is washed easily.

4. Signs of top quality semolina:

  • Uniform grains.
  • Yellowish color.
  • Sealed pack.
  • Fresh natural flavor.
  • No lumps and particles.

Some manufacturers mark semolina with T, M, TM letters. Thus, for example, MAKFA semolina labeled T is made from durum, the healthiest wheat.

5. How to choose top quality millet?

  • Millet should be absolutely clean - without any specks.
  • Millet aroma is fresh, the color is naturally bright without any impurities.
  • Check the millet for the lack of moisture: only dry cereal will be stored safely for a long time.

6. How to choose buckwheat cereal:

The authentic MAKFA product is sold in window packaging ensuring visibility. MAKFA guarantees 20-month shelf life for its cereals. Sealed bags ensure longer storage: tightness excludes pests. After opening the package, the fragrance should be fresh and natural. MAKFA buckwheat is boiled fast, the cores are identical, the porridge is delicious, fragrant and crumbly.