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Legal notice

Consent to personal data processing

Personal data processing policy

The policy has been developed in order to comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation in accordance with clause 2 of article 18.1 of the Federal Law «On Personal Data» No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006. The policy applies to all personal data that can be obtained by JSC MAKFA from a personal data owner.

1. Legal basis of personal data processing

Personal data are any information directly or indirectly related to a specific or determined individual (personal data owner).

Personal data shall be processed pursuant to:

  • the Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Law «On Personal Data» No. 152-FZ dated 07/27/2006;
  • other laws and regulatory legal acts governing personal data processing and protection.

2. Personal data purpose and owners

JSC MAKFA shall process personal data solely for the stated purposes. Personal data processing methods shall depend on the categories of data owners:

  • company employees and applicants for vacant jobs. Processing shall be carried out for the purpose of employment, job performance, remuneration of labour, compliance to labour legislation;
  • individuals engaged in promotional and marketing activities. Processing shall be carried out to identify a person taking part in a promotion or contest for later interaction depending on the objectives of a specific event;
  • other individuals in contractual and other civil law relations with JSC MAKFA. Processing is carried out for the purposes stipulated by a specific agreement with an individual.

3. Personal data processing methods

Personal data processing is collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, modification, use, distribution (transfer), depersonalisation, blocking, and destruction of information.

Personal data processing of personal data owners shall be carried out after obtaining written consents. The policy may be reviewed in electronic form, while consent may be obtained by checking the corresponding box. This form shall be equivalent to a written form, where it does not conflict with the applicable legislation.

Depending on the processing purpose and personal data owners data processing shall be carried out:

  • using automation facilities in data systems;
  • without using automation facilities.

4. Categories of processed data

Procedure for collecting, processing and protection of personal data shall be defined pursuant to the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. The volume of personal data shall comply with the purpose of processing and may be changed with the consent of the data owner.

Personal data may include: surname, name, patronymic; sex; date of birth; place of birth; place of residence and registration; marital status; identity document details (depending on the document); taxpayer identification number (INN); personal insurance policy number (SNILS); social situation; information about education; information about profession; citizenship; information about health status; contact telephone number; contact email address; biometric personal data.

5. Conditions for personal data processing termination

Personal data shall be destroyed when the stated purposes is achieved, or where there is no more need in achieving it, unless otherwise stipulated by the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. Personal data processing shall be terminated in case of discovery of wrongful acts in relation to personal data and inability to remedy the violations committed within the term established by the legislation.

Termination shall mean personal data destruction in accordance with the procedures defined by the internal regulations of JSC MAKFA.

6. Securing personal data confidentiality

Personal data confidentiality shall be secured pursuant to the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. Confidentiality shall mean the obligation not to disclose information without personal data owner consent, unless otherwise required by legislation.

Persons responsible for personal data processing and protection shall be appointed at the company. A working group shall be established to control compliance with the legislation requirements. Necessary internal documents regulating personal data processing and protection shall be developed.

Data processing shall be carried out with the consent of the personal data owner, and without consent, if personal data processing is necessary for contract performance, where the personal data owner is the beneficiary, guarantor, or in any other cases stipulated by the legislation.

Processing of special categories of personal data shall be carried out only after obtaining written consent of the personal data owner in the established and approved form. Where the personal data owner has made such data public, no written consent shall be required.

JSC MAKFA shall have the right to distribute personal data to the benefit of the personal data owner. Personal data processing in this case shall be carried out after receiving the written consent, and the reason for processing shall be the contract between JSC MAKFA and the third party, where processing purpose, list of personal data, and the third party’s duty of confidentiality shall be specified. Data transfer to public authorities within their competence shall be in accordance with the legislation, and shall be made without obtaining additional consent.

7. Access to personal data

The personal data owner or his/her legal representative upon request shall be granted access to his/her personal data. The request shall contain information, which allows accurate identification of the personal data owner or his/her legal representative, handwritten signature of the personal data owner and his/her legal representative.

Terms of access to personal data shall be defined in the internal documents of JSC MAKFA in accordance with the applicable legislation.

8. Final provisions

JSC MAKFA employees granted access personal data processing shall bear civil liability.

The text of this policy shall be not confidential and shall be made available on the websites owned by JSC MAKFA.

Cookie policy

This policy shall be applied to all websites owned by JSC MAKFA.

Cookies are text files, in which the browser saves information about visited sites. Data are generated by a web server and stored on the client device. Usually cookies contain site name, time of storage in the browser and unique identifying information.
Web sites belonging to JSC MAKFA collect cookies data required solely for the following:

  • ensuring site smooth operation;
  • ensuring visitors’ safe work with the site;
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JSC MAKFA does not use cookies to identify visitors to the site. Cookies are not used for mailings or other stimulating activities using web technologies.

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