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About the brand

MAKFA brand tapped into the leaders of the Russian food industry in 2000, but has been known on the market as an abbreviation of the two-word parts “MAKaronnaya” (“macaroni”) and “FAbrika” (“factory") for about two decades. Such simple and capacious naming kick-started the success story of the No. 1 brand in Russia in the “pasta” segment. The logo created by the first owner of the company embodies a positive origin of wheat and its products. The rising sun and the mill symbolize the beginning of a new day and continuous growth.


Today, the brand ranks among the world’s top five leading pasta manufacturers beating out some famous Italian trademarks. The company has counted that if you put all annually made pasta packs in one line, they could embrace the globe!

What are the ingredients of MAKFA groceries?

Hard (durum) wheat

The core is the “heart” of wheat grains, raw material for future pasta from durum wheat varieties. Each ground batch is carefully selected and inspected: its condition, aroma, color, gluten weight percentage, gluten quality, falling number, vitreousness, nature, impurities and sprouted grains.

Wheat is sourced in line with the strict parameters established by the quality department of MAKFA JSC, often exceeding GOST standards.


Soft wheat

Soft wheat is the basis of the best baking flour, ensuring high rise and stable shape. We select strong wheat strains for white flour with optimal springiness and elasticity. They are crucial in pastry and bread baking.

Our flour is good at retaining carbon dioxide during kneading, fermenting, resting and rising.


Eco pure grains

Russia boasts more than 50% of the world’s black soil. Buckwheat is grown in the Altai Territory, one of the core granaries of Russia, a favorable region for grain crops. There is MAKFA grain plant here: it sorts and packages eco pure grains and legumes with unparalleled taste.



MAKFA’s quality standards embrace two-tier quality control for GMO content. First, a batch of incoming raw materials for the subsequent manufacture is analyzed. Without the required documents, no grain will be ground. The second stage is the analysis of finished products. MAKFA guarantees that its products are GMO-free through the submission of appropriate documents.